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Commercial spaces can often be high traffic and suffer more wear and tear than a residential building, we have a wide range of quality paints, materials, and techniques at our disposal to add to the longevity of your painting job - low VOC paints, epoxy floor painting, and anti-slip coating, just to name a few.



  • Painting – walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, doors, cabinets, banisters.

  • Drywall fixing.

  • Baseboards & trims chalking/fixing & nail holes filling.

  • Wallpaper removal.



  • Painting – siding (on all surfaces), trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.

  • Staining – siding, trims, doors, banisters, fences, decks.

  • Power washing.

  • chualking/sealing siding.

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